Match Day (A Guide For Managers)

Resources :

Competition Rule Book 2016

Miniroos Rule Book 2016

Code of Behaviour - Players

Code of Behaviour - Coaches

Code of Behaviour - Officials

Code of Behaviour - Sepectators

Code of Behaviour - Parents

Code of Behaviour - General Code of Behavior

This page provides reminders of the essential duties Managers should carry out on match days to ensure that they meet their responsibilities to their team, our Club, and the Sutherland Shire Soccer Association.

1) Check Ground Control and BBQ roster.

By Thursday of each week check to see if your team is listed as having ground Control Set Up or Close Down Duty or GMO BBQ Duty. All teams throughout the year. Check the Club Website home page to see listed duty teams

2) Check for Messages

Coaches and manager’s look out for any pre-game messages or updates from the Club or from your Age Group Coordinator for the upcoming round or upcoming events

3) Wet Weather

Check Wet Weather updates on Club Website or Club Facebook Page. Messages usually posted by 7.30am game days. In all occasions assume the game is on until told otherwise. Any venue changes will be posted on the Club Website or Facebook page.

4) Identification Cards

Make sure you take them with you to all competition games as teams cannot play a match without ID cards. (Note: ID Cards are not required for Under 6 and Under 7 Games.)


5) Check out your pigeon hole at GMO

Notices, awards, paperwork and material are regularly placed for your team in a pigeon hole at Lilli Pilli Oval. Even if your team's game is called off due to the condition of the ground, please make sure you check your pigeon hole on Saturday or Sunday. When ALL games are called off the kiosk at Lilli Pilli will be kept open until 10am on Saturday and Sunday for the

6) Oranges

Collect the oranges for half time for your team from the kiosk at Glenn McGrath Oval (no longer at Lilli Pilli Oval)

7) Match Sheets

Complete the Match Sheet for your team as soon as you arrive at the ground for your match. The game cannot commence until the sheet is completed by both teams. At the end of the game please ensure Coach and Managers sign match sheets or the Club will be fined for each unsigned match sheet

8) Prepare your team

Have your team ready to go on the field, with their ID cards, at the nominated starting time


9) Identify the opposing team

Check the ID cards of all members of the opposing team in the centre of the field immediately before kick-off


10) Put on your Managers vests

Manager’s must be visible at all times to referee and ground Control person. Please ensure managers where the Green Fluro vests provided


11) Establish Home Ground Control

Identify a Lilli Pill Ground Control person for your games (home game only). All home games need to have a ground control person to ensure that the referee and children are protected unruly sideline behaviour. The Ground Control person is to wear the orange vest provided and are to make themselves visible to both the Referees and the Two team managers. See Club web page links on the importance and role of Ground Controllers

12) Thank the ref !!

At end of game always thank the referees and the other team. Lilli Pilli is a Club based on good sportsmanship. Always remember to thank the referee and encourage them. We need our referees and we need to support them. We also need to thank the opposition and shake hands irrespective of the result.

13) Sign the match sheets at game’s end

When the game finishes, check the score entered by the referee and other relevant details and sign the Match Sheet under your team listing.