Wet Weather


Weeknights - 9710 0105

For information regarding the availability of grounds for TRAINING on WEEKDAYS ONLY Sutherland Shire Council has a special wet weather telephone line with recorded updated information - phone 9710 0105. DO NOT use this service for information regarding weekend games.


The golden rule is that club members are to assume games are "on" unless advised otherwise.

However, following prolonged wet weather during the week or heavy rain on a Friday or Saturday night it is sometimes necessary for the Association to declare some or all grounds unfit for play.

This decision can result in :

- The entire match day - Saturday or Sunday - or the entire weekend being called off.

- Certain grounds deemed unplayable resulting in rescheduling of games to different grounds and playing times.

LPFC will update, its Website, Facebook and other Club Apps as soon as the decision is known, generally between 7:00 - 7:30 am to ensure Club members are fully appraised of the situation.

The only exception to the above will be those teams within selected grades that have been allocated to play at the Kirrawee Synthetic fields in the event of wet weather impacting the playing round. These teams will have likely have been provided with a " heads up "