Registration 2017

It's registration time in what promises to be another exciting year for football in the Sutherland Shire.

You will find below everything you need to know about registering for Lilli Pilli FC in 2017 . If you have any further questions, please contact our friendly registrars, Dave Gregson and Dina Osgood via email at

Registration Dates

Remember, online registration available soon !!

Go to to start your registration today.

Registration Assistance available onsite at Lilli Pilli Oval Clubhouse on the following dates and times :

Sunday 22nd January 2016 - 4.00 to 6.00pm
Wednesday 25th January 2016 - 4.00 to 6.00pm
Thursday 2nd February 2016 - 6.00 to 8.00pm
Wednesday 8th February 2016- 6.00 to 8.00pm (under 6 only)

Registration Fees 2017 (unchanged from 2015)

Age Group
Total (incl GST)
Under 6s through to Under 9s
Under 10s and Under 11s
Under 12s through to Under 16s (incl JW)
Under 18s (incl JW)
Under 21s (incl JW) $260
All Age, SW, O30s, O35s and O45s
Full-time student Under 21s (incl JW)


Full-time student All Age, SW + $250

These fees include all mandatory fees and levies payable to Football Federation Australia, Football NSW and Sutherland Shire Football Association.

Late Fees

An additional $25 fee per Junior player (from 3rd February) and $50 fee per Senior player (from 10th February) (All Age, SW, O35s and O45s) is due if registrations are late.

Furthermore, the FFA impose a payment surcharge that is also passed on after these deadlines

Payment Methods

Payment is best made online during the registration period and can also be made onsite at Lilli Pilli's clubhouse using Visa, MasterCard or EFTPOS. Cash and Cheques are also accepted.

Online Registration

Online Registration is open to all new and returning players.
All registration for 2017 will be made online through the MyFootballClub website. You may complete this at home online, or visit the clubhouse on the advertised registration days to have one of our friendly team assist you in completing the registration.

Players new to football and/or new to football in the Sutherland Shire are encouraged to register online, but will be required to attend one of the advertised registration days to provide appropriate documentation for proof of proof of residency and identification, or contact the registrar to arrange a siting.

To begin your registration for the 2017 season, go to the MyFootballClub website to access your registration profile.



3. You will be presented with 3 options

- 1) If you know your FFA number (8 digit number, eg. 54598842) click to register
- 2) If you cannot remember your FFA number, please click to retrieve it before you register
- 3) If you are new to football altogether, please create a FFA number and commence the registration process

4. Follow each of the steps online

- Please check the photo is clear, light, and closely resembles registering player. You may upload a new photo if necessary but please make sure the photo size is cropped to passport size (instructions are provided online)

Please note if you are registering for U10, U14 and U18 Boys & Girl then you need to UPDATE or add a profile photo into the registration system to enable placement into a 2017 side.

- Payment can be made securely online via Visa or Mastercard; alternatively, payment can be completed at the clubhouse on the designated registration days by Visa, Mastercard, Cheque or Cash

- Third Family Member / Player Life Member Discounts - When you come to the PAYMENT step, you can select to PURCHASE ADDTIONAL ITEMS and check the boxes for the discount you require.

Please note: DO NOT create a new FFA number if you cannot remember your previous FFA number. You will need to use the email address you last registered with. If this has changed, or you are experiencing difficulties in retrieving your FFA number, please contact MyFootballClub to correct the issue:

MyFootballClub Support Centre 02 8020 4199

New Player Registration

A new player, for example, can be someone who has:

1) Never played competition football (soccer) before in Australia,
2) Never played competition football (soccer) previously in the Sutherland Shire, or
3) Has not played football (soccer) in a long time (prior to 1990) and does not have a current FFA number or is not showing has having provided identification in the SSFA records

If you have played outdoor football in Australia previously but cannot remember your FFA number, please contact MyFootballClub to request it.

Documents Required for New Players

1. Proof of Identification i.e. an original birth certificate, passport, Driver's Licence (for senior players), Government issued identification card (e.g. proof of age card). The document must show full name and date of birth for the registering player.

2. Proof of Residency in the Sutherland Shire – ie. For junior players, a driver's licence or utility bill/bank statement showing current for the player's parent/guardian;

For senior players, Driver’s Licence, utility bill or bank statement showing current address and in the name of the registering player. Tenancy agreements are accepted but must be the full agreement, and must be signed and dated by all parties to be a valid document.

Primary and secondary school children who live outside the Shire and are registering for the first time in the Sutherland Shire competition will be accepted after written proof of attendance at a Shire school is sighted.

For all other proof of residency documents please contact the registrar to discuss.

Providing Identification Documents

Identification documents must be original copies and must be sited in person. It is suggested that these documents are brought to Lilli Pilli FC Clubhouse on the advertised registration dates.

Identification documents will not be accepted via email, as per the requirements of Football NSW.Photo Requirement – ALL players above U10 (inclusive)

Important Notes Regarding Registration

Multi-player / Team RequestsMulti-player Request / Team Requests

For junior players, requests may be made at the time of registration to play with friends. A Player Team Request Form is available on the FORMS page here at the LPFC website. Please note, that the Lilli Pilli team selectors do their best to honour all requests, but requests cannot be guaranteed.

The signature of at least one parent/guardian for each player is required for the request to be valid, along with contact details of the request organiser.

Adult Team Requests

Please email your full team lists to prior to Feb 10, and provide contact details for a coach and/or manager. If you do not yet have a coach/manager, please nominate a team organiser that we may contact should we have any queries regarding your team.

Registering Above Your Natural Age Group

Players up to and including the age of 16 cannot register to play in an age group more than 2 years older than the age they turn by 31st December 2017

Registration Questions and Answers

What is the minimum age to register?

The minimum age requirement is that your child must turn 5 in 2017. (4 eand 5 year old children play in the U/6 competition.) However, when considering if your child is old enough to commence their career, be mindful that some games may start as early as 8:00 am. This can be physically demanding for our youngest players.

How do I know which age group to register my child/myself in?

The natural age group is the age the child is turning in the current year. For example, if a child is turning 7 this year they play in the U/7 age group; Turning 11, the U/11 age group.

There are a couple of exceptions: a) If a child wants to play with friends who are in the same year at school but their birthday is in a different calendar year, the younger child can play up. b) In the womens O/30 competition and the mens O/35 and O/45 competitions the player must be turning 31, 36 and 46 respectively this year.

Where are games played?

Games are played on a home and away basis between clubs affiliated with the Sutherland Shire Football Assoc (SSFA) and are confined to the Sutherland Shire. You may need to travel in a range extending from Cronulla to the east, Menai to the west, Heathcote to the south and Oyster Bay to the north.

Lilli Pilli Home games are played across a number of different venues, primarily, Lilli Pilli Oval (The Berriedome), Glenn McGrath Oval, Woolooware High School. LPFCMiniroos Football (Under 6 to Under 11) home games are played at Glenn McGrath Oval on a Saturday, unless otherwise noted.

What day and time will games be played on?

Junior mixed U6-U12, boys U12-U21, girls U12-U15 are played on a Saturday across the Sutherland Shire. Girls U16-U21, Senior Women, All Age Men, O35 & O45 Men, O30 Women play their games on a Sunday. Unless otherwise notified.

How long is the season?

The season proper extends over 18 weeks during the autumn and winter months and does not break for school holidays except for U6 - U11 where there are some breaks in the school holidays. A three week final series for t competitive grades is then conducted after the season proper.

Changed your mind about playing .. r e l a x

Should you choose to withdraw; a full refund will be made by cheque provided the graded teams have not been submitted to the SSFA. If this submission has occurred, then it will be only possible to refund the portion of the registration fees that relates to the club component, as the SSFA does not refund its component of the registration fee.

All withdrawals are to be made in writing to the the Club Registrar via email to . This is to ensure the Club has a formal request for withdrawal complete with date stamp. Requests must be made by the player or parent/guardian of the player

How do i transfer to another club once I've registered?

Should you decide to change clubs once you have registered yourself or your child, the process is similar to withdrawing. You will need to send a request to notifying of the request to transfer. If the transfer is made prior to teams being submitted to the SSFA, we will be able to withdraw you from the LPFC registration and refund any payments made.

Once the de-registration has been approved by the SSFA you may commence registration with the other club online. Once the graded teams have been submitted to the SSFA, you will be required to provide a transfer form to the other club from Lilli Pilli FC. The registrar will supply this to you once the request has been received via email. Payment will be refunded to you by the Secretary. If a card has been received for the player, this must be provided to the Registrar of the club the player is transferring to so it may be passed on to the SSFA.

Why does the club conduct grading selection trials?

The Club's experience is that children will enjoy their football more if grading is aligned to their ability. No one wins if a child or team is highly under or over graded, so, in order to ensure accurate grading occurs, the Club conducts selection trials.

Do I need to do anything during the season?

Yes! To keep up to date with all that is going on at Lilli Pilli FC we suggest you stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page!

Ground Duty your own games In Season 2017 all teams will again be issued with ground control jackets to help share around responsibility for ground control at our home games. A detailed set of instructions will be issued to all teams.

Setup / Pack-up In addition to this, all teams will be rostered onto an 18 round roster for setup and pack away duties. These may be grounds on which you don't play and/or on days where you aren't playing at home, however you will know at the commencement of the season precisely which weekends you are required to help setup or pack away a venue. It is only with your participation that games can be conducted in a safe and pleasurable environment for both players and spectators.

Can I play football with my friends?

The club has a policy of attempting to meet requests to play with friends and has no difficulty in putting together teams based upon submitted lists of players. However the full team with coach and manager must be nominated and the club reserves the right to review and approve/deny such requests.