Ground Control


What is Ground Control ?

There are two forms of Ground Control at Lilli Pilli.

1. All teams will be responsible for ground control of their own games.
This encompasses supervision of their game (and the minutes between games before and after) as well as the venue on which your game is played.

2. Teams will also be allocated setup and packaway responsibility.
To ensure a fair spread, LPFC will allocate teams to this early morning or late afternoon duty at the commencement of the year so all teams know when they are expected to help.


Ground Control duties include the set up and pack away of playing fields and the supervision of games.

ii. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following;

· The wearing of official Ground Control vests by Ground Controllers, at all times whilst performing Ground Control duty
· Ensuring games start on time
· Ensuring match sheets and referees are available for all games
· Ensuring there are no hazards on or near the playing field (including stray dogs!)
· Ensuring that spectators do not encroach on playing fields
· Taking note of injuries( reported and observed) and other incidents
· Exercising reasonable control over team’s players and supporters to prevent abusive, aggressive or other unacceptable behaviour towards referees, players and spectators


All teams rostered

All Lilli Pilli FC canteens will continue to be staffed independently by the club.. Therefore, there will be no requirement for teams rostered on Ground Control to staff the canteen

All teams at Lilli Pilli FC are required to perform Ground Control Duties on a rotational basis.

Please expect at least to be rostered for Ground Control at least 4 times over the course of the season.

Any questions regarding Ground Control, please contact Wal S on 0417 495 148

Ground Control Documents are also placed in the pigeon holes of each team the week prior to their being rostered on Ground Control. In the event of a wash out or bye please check the website.
Copies of Ground Control instructions are also placed here on the website once they become available.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the Manager, and in their absence the Coach to check whether or not their team is rostered to perform Ground Control.



Ground Control duties at Lilli Pilli FC will vary slightly between grounds, but will generally involve at least one team covering AM and PM shifts on both Saturdays and Sundays, at all Lilli Pilli FC home grounds, ie;

1. Set Up (fields, nets and goals)

2. Pack Away (fields, nets and goals)

i. Please note that Ground Control includes both - Venue Supervision (The person that stays in the vicinity of the Ground Control Area, ie where the match sheets are located) and;

ii. Ground Control –Supervision of Playing Fields- (ie supervision of each playing field, during home games)

Managers will be responsible for allocating the Ground Control Duties to members or parents of their teams on a rotational basis.

i. Ground Control Vests will be available at the Ground Control Area for the Manager of the team playing the first game of the day.

ii. At the completion of their duties the Ground Control, the Ground Control vests should be returned to the Ground Control Area.

Additional information regarding Ground Control for Small Sided Games at Glenn McGrath Oval will be posted on the website as soon as it becomes available.

Ground Control greatly assists in the efficient operation of Lilli Pilli FC. It also allows our children, friends and families to play their football in a secure, safe and enjoyable environment! Without Ground Control, there would be no games played at Lilli Pilli FC!

Thank-you in advance for your assistance in the efficient operation of our wonderful Lilli Pilli FC!