Uniforms and Team Wear


Uniforms (Playing Strip)

Our club maintains a stock of uniforms for sale at its Lilli Pilli Oval canteen.
During registration period, the uniforms crew generally use size samples to generate orders for shirts.

This is particularly important because each competition aged team, once determined needs to be reviewed to ensure everyone has a unique number on the back of their shirt (for competition age groups)

Socks are generally sold in three sizes ($15 incl GST)
Boys/Girls Size 9-2
Youth Size Size 2-7 and
Mens/Womens Size 7 -12

Shirts are purchased by players and are available in a variety of sizes; Size 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, S, M, L, XL and XXL

Shorts are also purchased by players and are available in a variety of sizes from Size 8 through to Size 30.

For more information, pease contact our uniform manager

Our Uniform shop is open during official registration sessions and at special times at the commencement of each season.

Otherwise, we're open from 7am on Saturdays at Lilli Pilli Oval canteen.

Team Wear

We have a wide range of team wear available at Lilli Pilli Fc and we have assisted through our suppliers numerous teams kit themselves in Lilli Pilli branded gear.

Teamwear : Green and Gold Training Jacket
$40 incl GST

Teamwear : Navy and Gold Jacket $75 incl GST

Teamwear : Club Trucker Hat $10 incl GST





If you are organising a range of gear for your team, please contact Katie Wills (see Committee tab on this website).
Stocks atre held at Lilli Pilli Oval canteen form most items for purchase.

Sutherland Shire Association rules require all
players (excluding the goalkeeper) to wear the correct shirt, shorts and socks issued by their club.
(old style shirts have frequently been seen on team mascots)


Uniform : Playing Jersey $40 incl GST
(includes numbering for competition aged teams)

Uniform : Playing Shorts $25 incl GST
(includes numbering for competition aged teams)

Teamwear : Club Polo $35 incl GST

Teamwear : Club Bag $35 incl GST

Teamwear : Club Baseball Hat $10 incl GST

Teamwear : Club Hoodie $40 incl GST